PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Drivers in Portland and Seattle will see traffic signs starting Monday reminding them to slow down as part of a new campaign.

Slow the Flock Down” is supposed to be a cheeky way to get people’s attention and get them to drive slower.

Portland and Seattle are both Vision Zero cities which means they want to drive the number of serious crashes in the cities to zero.

Drivers will now see billboards and online messaging with the “Slow the Flock Down” design, while its name is supposed to be a little shocking and get people’s attention.

Hannah Schafer with the Portland Bureau of Transportation said that crashes increased over the pandemic and the city is ramping up safety measures and awareness campaigns as a result.

” If you’re driving 40 miles per hour on a street, it’s an 80% chance that a person that’s hitting 45-40 miles per hour would receive a serious injuries or would die from that crash,” said Schafer. “And, you know, when we say serious injury, we’re not talking about, you know, bump on the head. We’re talking about injuries that are really life changing, life altering injuries that might be with you for the rest of your life.”

Those looking to help spread awareness and get involved can pick up yard signs from The Portland Building downtown.