‘Trust Your Gut’ campaign urges ovarian cancer awareness


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Ovarian Cancer Alliance is kicking off a ‘Trust Your Gut’ superhero campaign to build awareness for the disease.

Fewer than half of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer survive past five years, with many of them catching it after it’s too late.

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Jasmin Kim and Mary Beebe are two superhero survivors who have joined forces to fight ovarian cancer.

“I went into emergency room with really bad abdominal pain,” Beebe says.

“As I was sitting and driving it was really uncomfortable to sit like this so I finally decided to go to urgent care,” Kim says. Both women are now in remission.

“They’re very common symptoms that a lot of women have regularly. Bloating, feeling constipated, feeling fully quickly, pain in your abdomen area,” Amy Kirschbaum with the Ovarian Cancer Alliance says.  An annual pap smear cannot catch it.

Kim says she was 24 when she was diagnosed and also dismissed the symptoms. “I thought it was constipation or maybe lactose intolerance type of thing,” she says.

Six women are featured as a part of the campaign to raise awareness.

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