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Two arrested after heated confrontation at City Hall

A group at City Hall protested police brutality, August 8 2018. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Hundreds of protesters showed up to Portland City Hall Wednesday morning to question how the city handled the counter protest to Patriot Prayer on Saturday, leading to fights, injuries and two arrests.

Diane Keeauver, 67, was arrested during protests at City Hall on Aug. 8, 2018. (Courtesy: PPB)

Portland Police said Diane Keeauver, 67, and an unidentified person listed in the inmate roster as “John Doe” were arrested. Both were booked on second-degree trespass. 

Mayor Ted Wheeler and other members of city council walked out of a council meeting after the protesters heckled and disrupted the meeting.

Protesters say police need better crowd control methods. (KOIN)

The group gathered to protest crowd control tools and police brutality used during Saturday’s protest.

While the council meeting was moved to another room after the interruption, the protesters didn’t leave.

Some protesters held signs condemning Mayor Wheeler.

Shortly after the meeting was moved, a bigger group of protesters met in the lobby of city hall — refusing to leave until they spoke to the mayor. At one point, they started to chant “Go get Ted.”

As protesters made their way out of the building, security guards tried to shut the doors which is when fights broke out. Some of the guards and protesters ended up hitting each other. Several people were injured as a result and the two people were arrested.

City Hall was locked down for a while. They did not let anyone inside the building, although people were allowed to leave through side doors.

Later on, before the city council met, Wheeler opened with a statement alluding to the previous confrontations. 

“I just wanna say for the record I think it’s unconscionable that people would come to city hall with the intention of “shutting down city hall” and then attack our security, including Dorothy. Whatever message you thought you were delivering today it was completely lost in your senseless acts of violence against our city staff.”

Portland police’s response to Saturday’s protest garnered condemnation from various groups. Protesters reported being injured by officers using crowd control methods.

On Monday, Police Chief Danielle Outlaw addressed claims that law enforcement was favoring one side over the other on SW Naito Parkway — where Patriot Prayer and Antifa clashed.

“What we were doing regardless of which group it was, our efforts was to keep them separated,” Outlaw said. “So if that meant we had to physically walk with them to maintain that bubble, that’s what we had to do,” she said. 

Watch a live feed of the protesters:

Warning: graphic language

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