Editor’s note: Images and video in this story may be graphic for some readers.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Footage has been released in the alleged “violent unprovoked attack” and shooting that involved one man and a Hillsboro police officer.

On Monday, the Hillsboro Police Department identified 20-year-old Juan Aguilar-Mandujano as the man who allegedly attacked an officer near a patrol car before being shot on the afternoon of Friday, Aug. 19. Police have now named the involved officer as Lieutenant Neil Potter, who has been with HPD for 23 years.

According to a release from HPD on Friday, Potter was knocked to the ground by Aguilar-Mandujano, which reportedly resulted in broken facial bones and a concussion. Authorities allege Aguilar-Mandujano then continued to assault Potter and attempted to take his handgun while he was on the ground.

According to the Hillsboro Police Department, witnesses at the scene said Lt. Neil Potter was attacked near his patrol vehicle around 1 p.m. Authorities confirmed a shooting then occurred — resulting in the officer striking the suspect with at least one shot. It’s unclear if all the blood in this picture is Lt. Potter’s or the suspect’s. (Hillsboro PD)

Video from a nearby business was also released by HPD, which they say “depicts the initial attack against Lt. Potter, Potter’s attempt to disengage, and the subject’s continued attack of the officer.”

While police said Potter has since been assigned to the department’s patrol division, the shots he fired Friday left his alleged attacker fighting for his life at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital. 

On Friday, Aguilar-Mandujano’s sister Gabriela Aguilar addressed a crowd of friends and family at a “Justice for Juan” rally, where a group of roughly 50 community members returned to the back of the precinct where the shooting took place to pray for a speedy recovery. 

“Juan is not dead, and one thing I know for sure is that he’s strong,” Gabriela Aguilar said. “He keeps fighting in that bed where he’s right now.”

Although the family did not want to answer questions at the rally, they told KOIN 6 News they now have an attorney and are seeking legal advice to help them navigate next steps.

While Aguilar-Mandujano’s family refused to comment on the newly released video, which police say shows his unprovoked attack, at a press conference Monday the family responded to those allegations.

“They mentioned that a man assaulted a police officer,” Gabriela Aguilar translated for her father Monday. “He is only a young man of young age with a thin frame, and this proves that the Hillsboro Police Department have poor training.”

She continued, “the officer was not able to stabilize him first with a taser, pepper spray or a single shot in the foot being his last option.”

The footage can be watched in full in the video player below. Much of the struggle is obscured.

The release did not mention any further details about Potter firing shots at Aguilar-Mangujano, which resulted in him being hospitalized.

Aguilar was still in critical condition as of Monday. Police say he is still in the hospital but his current status is unknown.

Meanwhile, officials tell KOIN 6 News Potter continues to recover from his injuries.

KOIN 6 News was told officers of Potter’s rank do not wear body cameras, so there is no footage of the incident from his perspective. However, KOIN 6 confirmed the image of Potter’s injuries provided by HPD was captured from a responding officer’s body camera and asked for a copy of that video. As of the publication of this article HPD has not yet responded. 

This is a developing story.