PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Portland-based company is creating a digital passport to help owners find dog-friendly breweries in the area.

Pup Passport will soon release an online map with more than a dozen breweries listed for people to visit with their trusted companions. It would include information about the brewery, list discounts after purchasing the passport and a green paw print will appear to confirm that the location allows pets.

The company, founded by Stephen Guarino and Cambrie Burns, was inspired by the couple’s seven-month-old puppy named Riley. Guarino says it was difficult to find places that would allow Riley to tag along.

“We had to call them to make sure that we could bring him,” recalled Guarino. “So, we were just trying to streamline all of that and make it fun for everybody.”

So far, ten breweries have signed up to participate, including BinaryBrewing.co, Level Beer and Hopworks Urban Brewery.

After starting the project earlier this month, Guarino says the company wasn’t expecting such success early on. Pup Passport has more than 700 followers on Instagram and about 200 people on a mailing list.

“The response has been overwhelming, honestly,” he said. “We reached out primarily over Instagram to these breweries and everybody that saw the message was immediately on board.”

The company says there’s no dollar figure on the passport yet but Burns estimates for the passport to cost about $20 once the product is finalized.

She added, “We’re hoping to eventually add in a feature where when you complete the passport, you get something at the end. We haven’t quite worked that through yet, but we’re hoping to add that in sooner than later.”

The couple hopes to also partner with the Oregon Humane Society to facilitate donations for the animal shelter.

In the future, they hope to also expand the passport to include the Oregon coast, Hood River and Mt. Hood dog-friendly breweries.

Pup Passport is set to release in early to mid-July.