WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President Joe Biden is rapidly forming an historic Cabinet as the first 2 of his nominees received Senate confirmation.

On Wednesday, the Senate confirmed Avril Haines as the first woman Director of National Intelligence. On Friday. Lloyd Austin became the first Black Secretary of Defense.

Also Friday the Senate Finance Committee unanimously voted to advance the nomination of Janet Yellen to become Treasury Secretary.

“This is an urgent nomination,” Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said of Yellen. “You look at yesterday’s unemployment numbers still right at the top.”

The full Senate is now expected to confirm her as the first woman Treasury Secretary.

The Senate is moving quickly on other key Cabinet nominees critical to dealing with the consequences of the pandemic and national security — with one exception.

“The only one I know we’ve got some questions about him, and I’ve got some questions about him, is (Alejandro) Mayorkas,” said Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley.

Mayorkas could become the first Hispanic to lead the Department of Homeland Security if he can overcome Republican opposition and questions about his past management style, and whether he used a visa program to grant political favors.