WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – A bipartisan group of lawmakers is making a last-minute push for an immigration reform bill. While advocates say comprehensive immigration reform would also help solve labor shortages, getting enough Senate votes is an uphill battle.

Senators are deliberating the new comprehensive immigration reform proposal from Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema to Republican Tom Tillis.

The package would require compromises from both sides including a path to citizenship for some two million dreamers and as Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) says, “make sure we secure the border better than the last three presidents have secured it.”

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh has been a longtime supporter of comprehensive immigration reform – saying it would help fix the U.S. immigration system and help with the country’s labor shortages.

“This should be a bipartisan effort for immigration reform,” Walsh states.

He adds that employers in the U.S. also want immigration reform.

“Every single employer that I’ve spoken to since I’ve been in this job, whether they are Republican-leaning or Democratic-leaning, every single one…they all agree we need comprehensive immigration reform,” Walsh said.

Now lawmakers are scrambling to hammer out a compromise, but Missouri Senator Josh Hawley says he’s not onboard.

“My view is that we don’t need amnesty, we don’t need some grand bargain on that, this or the other, we need to enforce our laws,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) said.

Ten Republican senators would need to be on board as Congress needs to pass the immigration package before the current congress ends on Jan. 3.