WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Democrats in Congress have introduced a slew of new legislation to try to restore access to abortion nationwide and protect access to contraception, as Conservative states eye restrictions beyond abortion.

Republicans on Capitol Hill deny that new abortion restrictions put women’s lives in danger.

“Every state abortion law triggered by overturning Roe includes an exception to save the life of the mother,” said Kansas Senator Rodger Marshall.

But Democrats, like Senator Patty Murray, say the new legal uncertainty is putting women in danger as health care providers try to avoid breaking the law.

“Some have already been instructed to observe patients until they have unstable vital signs before acting. That is absolutely barbaric,” she said.

Democrats vow to fight to re-instate abortion rights by passing an updated version of the Women’s Health Protection Act in the House.

“Next, the Senate must act and we should not let filibuster rules stand in the way,” said State Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

Because it’s unlikely Democrats have enough support to change the rules in the Senate, they plan to call for unanimous consent on a bill to protect women who travel out of state for an abortion. Republicans are likely to block the measure.

Democrats also have several bills aimed at protecting access to contraception, something Marshall says is unnecessary.

“Here’s the myth, Republicans want to end contraception and family planning. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Marshall said.

But Democrats fear that state efforts to ban abortion from the moment of fertilization could result in outlawing emergency contraceptives, IUDs and IVF.