WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Nearly 22 million people are out of work from the coronavirus pandemic that has infected 8.5 million people and killed about 220,000 Americans. But a deal on another coronavirus relief package could be within reach.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the massive stimulus package would send more stimulus checks to Americans, provide money to safely re-open schools and fund additional COVID-19 testing and treatment.

“It is urgent that we come to agreement to crush the virus, to put money in the pocket of the American people,” Pelosi said Thursday. “We’re so long overdue to have a national strategic plan based on science, funded adequately in order to get the job done.”

While both sides say a deal could be reached within days, there are still major sticking points like whether businesses should get COVID liability protection and whether state and local governments should get more federal dollars.

“As the president said yesterday, we’re not here to bail out poorly managed states, whether they’re red white or blue,” said White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow.

He said the White House compromised by increasing the price tag they’ll support to nearly $2 trillion. But he added Democrats need to take things like health care for undocumented immigrants off their wish list.

“They know senators in the GOP are not going to buy into it,” Kudlow said. “They know that.”

Both sides want a deal before Election Day. But it’s unlikely Americans would actually receive any benefits before they head to the polls.