WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Recent immigration raids in California sanctuary cities resulted in 128 arrests, the Department of Homeland Security announced — and said more raids are coming.

Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said “Operation Rise” is aimed at sanctuary cities and states and more raids will be done if these sanctuary areas don’t comply with ICE requests to hold jailed immigrants so ICE can take them into custody.

“Of those arrested,” Wolf said, “96% either had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges for crimes including homicide, sexual assault, sexual offenses against children.”

When cities don’t hold the jailed immigrants for ICE, Wolf it “inevitably result(s) in additional collateral arrests, instead of targeted arrests.”

California Democrat Zoe Lofgren doesn’t buy that argument.

“Just a bunch of political posturing on the part of the Trump administration. They hope to salvage the election.”

The congresswoman said there’s a reason sanctuary cities aren’t holding immigrants just because ICE asks them to. It’s up to ICE to get a judge to order cities and states to turn over the immigrants ICE wants to arrest.

“Courts have already found that the counties can’t hold people just at the request of ICE. They need to have a warrant,” she said. “ICE is too lazy or too dumb to get a warrant. If they did, these people would be turned over to them.”