Israel approves Gaza cease-fire deal to end 11-day war

Washington DC

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he stands ready to go the Middle East to work on a lasting peace agreement

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Reports out of Israel indicate a cease-fire has been approved, bringing 11 days of bloody conflict in Gaza to an end.

The reports suggest Israel’s war cabinet has approved a unilateral cease-fire after increasing pressure from the Biden administration and countries around the world.

The White House was on the defensive Thursday when questioned about whether President Biden did enough to help ease the violent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

“Do you not county the 80 engagements we’ve had with countries around the world, including the president’s call with the leader of Egypt, the four calls he’s had with the Israeli prime minister, and the fact that there have been reports of a cease-fire?” said White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

On Wednesday, Biden told Israel he expected a significant de-escalation amid increasing pressure from progressive Democrats.

Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a resolution to block a $735 million sale of U.S. weapons to Israel, saying in a tweet, “At a moment when U.S.-made bombs are devastating Gaza, and killing women and children, we cannot simply let another huge arms sale go through without even a Congressional debate.”

Biden also faced pressure from Republicans to do more to help Israel.

“I think it’s shameful that the radical left is choosing this moment to try to undermine our friend and ally, the nation of Israel,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). “In the last several days over 4,000 rockets have rained down on the people of Israel from Hamas.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said late Thursday afternoon he stands ready to go to the Middle East to work on a lasting agreement to end the violence between Israel and Hamas.

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