WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – A Kelly Blue Book survey found most consumers would consider an electric vehicle but have some hesitations.

More than half of the people who responded to the survey said concerns about the environment make them open to the idea of owning an electric vehicle. They also worry an EV will be inconvenient and expensive.

Other concerns include “How long it takes to charge up, as well as the cost of replacing batteries,” said Kelly Blue Book Executive Editor Brian Moody.

However, Moody says normal charging shouldn’t be a major concern.

“Seventy percent or 80% of electric vehicle owners charge their cars up at home. In that case, people are going to have a great experience because they just park it overnight,” Moody explained.

But that convenience disappears on road trips.

“Parents right now are at home cringing at the idea of sitting in their car for 40 minutes trying to keep their toddler entertained,” Moody said.

On the issue of eventually replacing EV batteries, Moody says, “There really shouldn’t be much reason for worry because the warranty is at least eight years or 100,000 miles.”

Moody says most electric vehicles can usually cover the mileage range they promise.

On the other hand, consumers are right to be worried about how an electric vehicle will perform in extremely cold weather.

“It makes the car take longer to charge up and it makes the battery hold a lesser charge,” Moody said.

He added that you could end up spending a lot on charging if you use fast, commercial chargers, but “by using electricity that you charge up at home…it will cost you about half as much for the electric car as it will for the gasoline-powered car.”