Lawmakers spar over making reparations

Washington DC

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Democratic lawmakers have launched an effort to pass legislation that looks into the best ways to make reparations to decedents of slaves.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson (D-TX) said she and fellow Democrats want to establish a commission to probe into the long standing impacts of disparity slavery brought about in in the U.S. Furthermore, Rep. Jackson recently said the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black Americans is the most recent example of the consequences of systemic racism.

Experts have said other examples of modern racism include Black Americans not having equal access to healthcare, education, banking and home ownership opportunities. Jackson and other said it’s crucial to fix those problems and address the wrongdoings of the past.

The GOP, however, is not on board with new legislation. Utah congressman Burgess Owens said he recognized the harm slavery caused his own ancestors, but thinks reparations are a step backwards. California Republican Tom McClintock echoed Owens’ thoughts.

“I cant imagine a more divisive polarizing or unjust measure, than one that would require those that never owned slaves to pay reparations to those who never were slaves,” said McClintock.

The California representative also blasted the proposed bill claiming it is based solely on people’s race.

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