NEXSTAR (WASHINGTON) — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does not believe President Trump is in the wrong for suggesting there was widespread voter fraud in last week’s election.

“It’s not unusual,” McConnell said Wednesday. “It should not be alarming.”

McConnell, other Republican lawmakers and government officials have backed Trump’s unfounded claims of a rigged election and support the several lawsuits filed by the president’s reelection campaign. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently hinted the outcome of the Presidential Election was still not official and that Trump would be serving a second term.

“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump Administration,” Pompeo said when asked by a reporter about the status of the administration’s plans to transfer power to the Biden administration.

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley said he doesn’t believe Pompeo and the Trump administration have legitimate evidence behind any of the accusations of fraud.

“Pompeo was playing both to Trump and he was playing to the Republican base” said Merkley. “He has election prospects in his future, he’s thought about whether to run for the presidency four years out.”

Meantime, Trump has fired the Secretary of Defense and other top military officials with people who he considers to be loyal.

“There will be more heads to roll,” Merkley added. “The President will vent his frustration by taking out additional people.”