WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — A Congressional oversight investigation into the treatment of unaccompanied immigrant children revealed the Department of Health and Human Services lost tens of millions of tax payer dollars.

A Senate subcommittee report found HHS spent $32 million on shelters in California, Texas and Pennsylvania that never opened.

“We threw $32 million to fix the problem, knowing full well that this administration was not interested in fixing the problem,” said Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA). “And god knows where the money went.”

The investigation also revealed that even after the City of Philadelphia found a company was encouraging fights between the migrant children, that company was still awarded new contracts.

“This is America,” Correa said. “By any human measure you don’t do that to children, you take care of children.”

There were also repeated instances where HHS awarded contracts to companies that did not have the proper licenses or permits required for the shelters.

As a result, HHS said it has since implemented requirements. Companies must provide proof of proper permits and licenses — and disclose any allegations of abuse.