WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — History shows economic recessions tend to worsen inequities that already exist. Statistics show the pandemic is having a greater impact on women than men.

Congresswoman Dina Titus said the coronavirus recession is just making things worse. Data from the US Labor Department shows women experienced higher unemployment rates than men in April, May and June. Women are also more likely to be exposed to the virus because they tend to work in front line jobs.

“Women already make less than men, we know that. And women of color make even less than men, for the same work, for the same amount of time,” said Titus, a Nevada Democrat. “About two-thirds of health care workers, two-thirds of social workers, also grocery store and fast food workers all are women.”

Dr. William Spriggs, the chief economist for the AFL-CIO, said those women are also less likely to have access to proper health care.

“A very frightening share of women who show up to work and report that they have symptoms, because they fear losing their job,” Spriggs said.

But White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said reopening schools is one way to help women.

“Traditional families, too, but single moms who have to work but if the kids are home…” Kudlow said.

The solution isn’t simple.

More than 75% of teachers are women. The Kaiser Family Foundation said one in four teachers may be at risk of severe illness from COVID-19.