Senators grill Amy Coney Barrett during 3rd day of hearings

Washington DC

Judge Barrett fielded questions about abortion, Obamacare and Trump

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Judge Amy Coney Barrett was back in the hot seat on Wednesday as senators continued questioning the Supreme Court nominee.

Senator Lindsey Graham said Barrett is leading the way for conservative women.

“This is history being made, folks,” he said. “This is the first time in American history that we’ve nominated a woman who’s unashamedly pro-life.”

But Utah Senator Mike Lee said her personal pro-life views don’t predict Barrett’s legal rulings.

“Your record on the Seventh Circuit actually shows that you’re able to set aside your personal convictions,” Lee said.

Still, Democrats say Barrett could be the final vote needed to overturn abortion rights and healthcare laws.

“Those who support the Republican platform are going to keep their promises to keep the Affordable Care Act. They need that ninth justice,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).

Barrett told senators that while she’s spoken against rulings upholding the ACA in the past, academic writings are different than judicial rulings.

“Did you ever write or speak in defense of the ACA?” asked Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

Barrett replied, “No, I’ve never had occasion to speak on the policy question.”

Democrats also questioned Barrett about voter suppression.

“When asked whether the president has the right to unilaterally deny that right to vote for a person based on race or even gender, are you saying you can’t answer that question?” asked Durbin.

“Senator, I just referenced the 14th and 15th amendments that do prohibit discrimination on the basis of race and voting,” said Barrett.

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