WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — State elections across the US on Tuesday will determine issues like abortion, marijuana and gun laws in key races that attract national attention.

“Americans’ fundamental freedoms are on the ballot,” said Colin Seeberger with the Center for American Progress.

In Ohio, voters are deciding whether to approve a state constitutional amendment to guarantee access to abortion.

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said the referendum hurts parental rights.

“I do think parents have the appropriate purview over their kids, at least until their kids are fully grown adults.

“I think it would actually prevent parents from being involved in some of the most important healthcare decisions of their kids,” said Ohio Republican Sen. JD Vance.

In Virginia, voters choose whether Democrats or Republicans will control the state legislature — which will determine abortion rights in the state.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin said if enough Republicans are elected he wants the state to enact a 15-week abortion band. But Virginia Democrat Sen. Tim Kaine doesn’t believe that’s what voters want.

“They don’t want to roll back women’s reproductive freedom, whatever they think about abortion,” Kaine said. “They don’t want to let the state criminalize women and their doctors.”

The party that controls state legislatures around the country will also determine the future of a wide range of issues, including marijuana use and gun laws.

“We know that when you elect people that have gun sense in mind and are going to put policies and laws forward to protect families, they’re also responsible for nominating people that get on our Supreme Court,” said Angela Ferrell-Zabala of Moms Demand Action.