WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Dozens of Congressional Republicans plan to challenge the election results from the November 2020 presidential contest when the new Congress meets on Wednesday.

Alabama Republican Rep. Barry Moore is among the dozens who will challenge the certified results as a way to “defend the people’s right to have a fair and free election.”

But Democrats like California’s Jim Costa and Juan Vargas say the efforts will not only fail but will also further divide the country.

“It’s treasonous. The fact of the matter is the election results have been certified,” Costa said.

“It’s terrible for democracy to say the person that won really didn’t because we’re afraid of the president and some of this really crazy followers,” said Vargas.

Nevada Rep. Dina Titus said it’s been proven repeatedly that the election was fair and accurate.

“The people voted,” Titus said. “There’s been no evidence of fraud. There have been some 50 lawsuits filed and have been overturned.”

Still, Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson stands by the GOP plan to challenge the election results.

“We are not acting to thwart the democratic process,” Johnson said. “We’re acting to protect it.”

Democratic lawmakers like California Congressman Tony Cardenas also have serious concerns about a phone call in which President Trump can be heard pushing officials in Georgia to find votes in his favor.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have,” Trump is heard telling Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on a phone call recorded Saturday.

“What the president asked of the secretary of state of Georgia is to lie to the voters,” California Democrat Rep. Tony Cardenas said.