WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — President Trump announced an executive order to created the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative which he said will benefit Hispanics by improving access to education and jobs.

He said he’s helping Hispanic Americans by expanding access to school choice vouchers.

“No American student should ever be trapped in a failing government school,” Trump said at the White House. “Choice is a great civil rights issue and maybe the great one of our time.”

The initiative will also provide higher education grants and access to trade schools. Trump said it will help all Hispanics recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

“We will achieve a swift, full and complete recovery for Hispanic Americans,” he said.

The plan also expands opportunity zones designed to spur investment in minority and low income neighborhoods.

The Treasury Department’s internal watchdog is currently auditing the Trump Administration’s opportunity zone programs over claims the program benefits rich investors, some with ties to the president.

Texas Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro said the administration’s failed response resulted in the worst health economic impacts on Hispanics.

“The executive order by President Trump is little more than words for the Hispanic community,” Castro said. “They slow walked the testing, they slow walked the tracing of the infections and because of that the Latino community has been devastated by this virus.”

Castro said real relief for Hispanics would come from the Democratic coronavirus relief package, the Heroes Act.