WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — After taking hours of testimony, an FDA panel voted in favor of approving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Now, the FDA is expected to issue emergency authorization for the Pfizer vaccine.

William Gruber, Pfizer’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Research and Development, told the FA the company hasn’t found serious safety concerns with the COVID vaccine.

“Injection site pain was observed frequently,” Gruber said. “Fever and chills along with other systemic manifestations were observed.”

Pfizer said side effects are usually mild or moderate and consistent with what’s expected for a trial that includes many people who are older and have co-morbidities.

Evan Fein, who participated in the Pfizer trial, told the FDA he believes he received the real vaccine, experienced only mild side effects and has not contracted COVID-19 in the 5 months since his first dose.

“Absent compelling reason not to authorize it, it is simply immoral and unethical to deny the vaccine to health care workers or first responders who want it,” Fein said.

Nevada Sen. Jacky Rosen has a message for Americans worried the vaccine was developed too quickly.

“I think that we have to trust the scientists,” Rosen said. “We can trust this vaccine and there’s no ulterior motives if that’s what people are thinking of. This virus is attacking all of us and we have to get out of it together.”

Despite emergency use authorization for the vaccine, the FDA and Pfizer said they will continue to monitor and study participants in the trials and the effects of the vaccine.