PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Dozens of Clark County families have been left in the lurch following the disappearance of a non-profit assigned to distribute government money to those in need.

The Noble Foundation is a non-profit that had a contract with the county to assist with rent and utility funds in the area, but now appears to be closed.

Krystine Russell, a renter in Vancouver, said she and her husband have lived in their home for 13 years, but now struggle to pay rent. They received an eviction notice with a bill for $2,800. 

The couple applied for assistance through the county and received approval through the Noble Foundation. Russell said she expected the non-profit would pay the bills as promised.

“Then on Tuesday, Clark Public Utilities showed up at my house to turn off my power, and that’s when I figured out that they hadn’t paid,” she said.

KOIN 6 News tried to reach out to the Noble Foundation through their office in Vancouver — but found the doors locked and the lights off. Russell said it’s been that way for a week.

Clark County Community Services told KOIN 6 that Noble had told them recently they were no longer able to provide contracted services.

The county says it doesn’t pay out the money to a contractor until there is proof they have paid the bills and “doesn’t see any indication the county has been defrauded.”

However, more than 40 families depending on Noble have been left in need. Russell says she received a call from the county saying they will help, but she “doesn’t know how soon.”

Stay with KOIN 6 as we receive more information.