PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A well-known Vancouver man who moved to Florida last year is hoping to come back to his house in one piece.

Lou Brancaccio, who was the editor of The Columbian for over two decades, recently retired to Punta Gorda, Florida — which happens to be right in the middle of Hurricane Ian’s path.

Brancaccio tells KOIN 6 News his new house had strict building codes that might protect most of it. However, he says the same can’t be said for his garage.

“The interesting thing about the flood codes the building codes is that your living quarters have to be 12 feet up, but your garage, which of course, holds your cars doesn’t have to be 12 feet up,” Brancaccio said. “Any of the sentimental things that we had in boxes that are on the floor in the garage might be in trouble.”

Thankfully, Brancaccio and his wife were able to evacuate south to Miami.