Herrera Beutler: ‘I will vote to impeach Trump’


US House will vote on Wednesday

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — When the US House of Representatives votes on their article of impeachment against Donald Trump on Wednesday, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler will vote yes.

The Republican from Washington’s 3rd District released a statement Tuesday night that laid the blame for the insurrection squarely on the shoulders of Trump.

“The President of the United States incited a riot aiming to halt the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. That riot led to five deaths. People everywhere watched in disbelief as the center of American democracy was assaulted. The violent mob bludgeoned to death a Capitol police officer as they defaced symbols of our freedom. These terrorists roamed the Capitol, hunting the Vice President and the Speaker of the House,” she said

She becomes the latest in a slowly but surely growing cadre of Republican lawmakers who have publicly said they will vote to impeach Trump for his actions that led to a mob storming the US Capitol on January 6 as Congress convened to certify the Electoral College votes.

Herrera Beutler continued:

“The President’s offenses, in my reading of the Constitution, were impeachable based on the indisputable evidence we already have. I understand the argument that the best course is not to further inflame the country or alienate Republican voters. But I am also a Republican voter. I believe in our Constitution, individual liberty, free markets, charity, life, justice, peace and this exceptional country. I see that my own party will be best served when those among us choose truth.

“I believe President Trump acted against his oath of office, so I will vote to impeach him.”

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