PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Monkeypox has — possibly — made its way to the Pacific Northwest.

On Monday afternoon, health officials announced an investigation into a presumptive case of the monkeypox virus in the Seattle area. They say a man who recently traveled to a country with the virus is currently isolated and recovering at home.

Monkeypox, a disease related to the much more deadly smallpox, is found in wild animals like rodents and monkeys. The virus spreads through close contact with an infected animal or person, generally through lesions, body fluids, contaminated materials and respiratory droplets. Those droplets can only travel up to a few feet and usually require prolonged contact for transmission.

Symptoms include fever, headache, aches and pains, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes. Health experts say it’s often spread through close personal contact.

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Five other cases have been confirmed on the east coast of the United States after an outbreak began overseas earlier this month.

If confirmed, this would be the first known case in the region.

The WHO said on Saturday that it was tracking a total 92 confirmed cases and 28 possible cases across 12 countries. According to a leading WHO infectious disease expert, the leading theory for the recent outbreaks is two raves in Spain and Belgium.