PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The suspect in an attempted kidnapping in Orchards, Washington was taken into custody Saturday, Clark County officials said.

On Friday, Mohamed Aly Aboulezz allegedly entered an apartment, assaulted a woman and then dragged her from the apartment.

Neighbors reportedly intervened and said that Aboulezz was professing his love to the woman while dragging her. He was also allegedly making death threats.

Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene after Aboulezz had left. Deputies say that he allegedly texted more death threats to the victim while they were investigating.

After ensuring the victim’s safety, deputies say they began the search for Aboulezz.

On Saturday, the victim contacted authorities again because Aboulezz was allegedly still texting her. Working with the victim and her friends, deputies managed to locate Aboulezz in downtown Vancouver.

Aboulezz reportedly attempted to escape and received minor injuries. He was booked and charged with kidnapping in the first degree, residential burglary and assault in the fourth degree.