PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Police in Vancouver said two people were injured in a Tuesday afternoon shooting at a medical facility next to PeaceHealth SW Medical Center.

The shooting victims were an adult man and a woman, and one of them was the shooter, Officer Ilia Botvinnik with Vancouver police told KOIN 6. Officials would not release their conditions or the relationship between them.

The situation was quickly contained and the area lockdown was lifted a short time later.

PeaceHealth was looking at canceling clinic appointments for the following day, with some exceptions such as oncology treatments and other cancer-related care. Randy Querin, a communications specialist at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, said they would do their best to notify all patients ahead of time.

“We are going to increase security presence outside the building for the next several days and we are going to do that in order to create a sense of security for the people inside the building. What they may have gone through today is emotional and we just want to make sure we have support for them in that way,” Querin said. He added that those involved would also have access to counseling services.

“We very much want to show support for all of our caregivers in anyway possible,” he said.

The shooting happened in the main area of a building at 505 NE 87th. The building is owned and managed by Pacific Medical Buildings (PMB) Real Estate Services. PeaceHealth offers numerous services in the 505 Building including a Vision Center, Oncology and Infusion, Maternal Fetal Medicine, PeaceHealth Medical Group Family Medicine, and Sleep Disorders Clinic. 

There will be an increase security presence outside the 505 building in the next several days. PeaceHealth is also offering counseling services to those who need it.

Sunny Dhillon lives in Battle Ground but his wife texted him there was an active shooter in the building she works in. He told her to lock herself in a room and drove to the PeaceHealth campus immediately.

An officer told Dhillon that the shooter was taken down.

“I can’t lose my wife, she’s the love of my life. That’s the scariest text message to ever get in the world…the last thing we need during this pandemic is something like this right now,” he said.

Salvador Rodriguez was inside a patient room at the eye clinic when the shooting happened. His wife Amanda was in the waiting room and heard two gunshots. He said a doctor came and helped escort them out of the building.

“Everybody came and said get out get out,” he said. He said he was relieved when he was reunited with his wife and found she was safe.