PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The price of gas is still hovering near record highs and now, the price of license plates is also going up in Washington state. 

Starting July 1, the Washington State Department of Licensing will begin charging $50 for a new license plate, a 400% increase from the previous price of $10. The price to replace a license plate will bump from $10 to $30. 

For motorcyclists, the price of a new plate is increasing from $4 to $20 and a replacement plate will jump from $4 to $12. 

The price of temporary permits issued by car dealerships will rise from $15 to $40 and the price of a stolen vehicle check fee, the fee motorists pay when they register an out-of-state vehicle in Washington, is going up from $15 to $50. 

The price bumps are projected to raise about $2 billion over the next 16 years and will help fund Move Ahead Washington, a nearly $17-billion transportation package lawmakers passed earlier in 2022.  

The package will also be funded with $57 million a year from the operating budget and $57 million a year from the Public Works Assistance Account. 

The transportation package makes investments toward replacing Washington’s portion of the Interstate 5 Bridge across the Columbia River, reducing carbon emissions and improving public transportation. It will also grant free fares for passengers 18 and younger on all public transportation. 

The DOL reminds motorists that any applications received after July 1 must reflect the price increases, even if applications are postmarked to the DOL before July 1. They recommend people do their transactions in-person at a vehicle licensing office