VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — If you receive a call saying you missed jury service and to meet with someone or provide sensitive information, Clark County officials say this is a scam.

Court administrator Cheryl A. Stone of the Clark County Superior Court put out an alert to residents of the scam. The announcement said people are asked to provide banking, credit card or other information to avoid being jailed.

According to the press release, the scams involve a resident receiving a call saying they missed jury service and there is a citation for a bench warrant.

Here are examples of interactions Clark County citizens have had with jury scammers:

  • The caller states that a citation must be paid immediately, or the juror will be subject to arrest, or an arrest warrant will be issued
  • The caller states that District Court Judge James B. Smith has issued the juror a warrant for a failure to appear for jury service.
  • The caller may identify themselves as a law enforcement or court deputy and provide a badge number and phone number. 
  • The caller may ask for the person’s name, address or social security number.
  • The caller may tell the person to stay on the phone and not attempt to disconnect. 
  • The caller may direct the person to meet them with cash or pay for the citation over the phone.

All of these statements are fraudulent, added the announcement.

Clark County Superior Court and Clark County District Court will not initiate calls about warrants, fines, fees, or other forms of payments for jury service.

“If you receive a call from individuals using any of the above tactics, do not give any personal information or pay any sum of money,” said Stone. “Obtain as much information as you can about the caller and report it to your local police department.”

Anyone who missed jury service in Clark County would not receive a phone call requesting money and threatening arrest, added the county. Jurors who failed to appear for jury service are urged to call the Clark County Courthouse at 564-397-2049.

If a juror does not call, they may be subject to a misdemeanor for failure to appear.