PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The search continues for a missing woman who went searching for mushrooms Saturday and did not return.

Jung VanAtta, who turns 75 Tuesday, was with a group in Skamania, Washington, but went back out on her own after 10 a.m.

She was supposed to come back within an hour but never did.

Friends, family and search teams have been searching for VanAtta since that afternoon.

On Monday, the team found a bag of freshly-picked mushrooms and a trash bag with a receipt in it, which they confirmed belonged to VanAttta.

“It’s huge in a search because you have your last point seen and then as you progress along looking and you’re not finding anything — suddenly you start finding clues,” Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown said. “It’s just a piece of the puzzle that kind of leads us in a direction — it’s going in a direction we sort of thought she would filter to so we’re going to hold out hope today that we have some success.”

They had multiple ground teams, drones, dogs and a helicopter, but Jung has not been found.

Search teams are now focused on an area down in a wooded creek drainage area. It’s steep and searchers had to lower themselves down by rope on Monday.

Heavy brush has prevented air assets from being much help. Brown said if anyone in the area has seen anything concerning the missing woman, they should notify the sheriff’s office right away.

The mild weather over the past 72 hours is about to give way to wetter, colder conditions.