SEATTLE, Wash. (KOIN) — Dogs are a man’s best friend and for many a true member of the family, so the death of a furry friend can be difficult for families to endure.

Fortunately, researchers at the University of Washington say they found a drug to add a few more years of time to spend with your pet.

The drug is called Rapamycin. According to Britannica, an online encyclopedia, it’s found in soil and its primary use is preventing transplant rejection.

Researchers at the UW studying the drug, say early tests in rats, mice and dogs show the drug slows the aging process.

Researchers say this study could have implications for human lifespan as well. Dogs actually age like humans, experiencing many of the same age-related diseases.

The FDA has already approved this drug for use in humans, but this research means that it could potentially be used in a capacity far greater than it currently is.