PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Vancouver police officer who ran for Clark County Sheriff is now on administrative leave and facing four separate, ongoing investigations.

The city says Corporal Rey Reynolds was suspended in late December. Two internal investigations were opened in September and October. Two additional ones were opened the day before his suspension.

The suspension follows a change.org petition demanding Reynolds’s termination after the creator of the petition says he made “outrageously harmful” comments towards transgender people at a conservative, town-hall-style event in September — the petition reached over 1,400 signatures.

When asked if there were ways to “regulate” the increase in transgender people if he was elected sheriff in the county he said: “Exposure laws, indecent liberties, all of those things are laws that we have on the books right now that can be prosecuted. And we can arrest on those things… We used to arrest people for running around naked and doing sexual acts, now we have parades where they’re allowed to do it and they’re not being arrested.”

Reynolds was defeated by John Horch in the race for Clark County Sheriff in November.