PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – For a true “Blair Witch Project” experience, Pacific Northwest residents might not need to travel far. 

A campsite in Washington’s Puget Sound area has a reputation for being haunted. 

Fort Worden Historical State Park, located in Port Townsend, was originally constructed between 1898 and 1917 and made up part of the coastal defense system known as “The Triangle of Fire.” 

The fort was stocked with guns and artillery and was once home to nearly 1,000 troops and officers who were training to defend the Puget Sound from potential enemy invaders. Military activity at the fort ceased in 1953, but in 1958 it found a new purpose when it became a diagnostic and treatment center

Today, what remains is a 432-acre multi-use park that still features restored Victorian-era officers’ homes and hidden gun emplacements. 

While the Fort Worden Hospitality website and the Washington State Parks website make no mention of hauntings at the park, plenty of other publications say otherwise. 

In 2019, Outside named Fort Worden State Park one of the most haunted campgrounds in the U.S. The report said there are miles of buried tunnels, dead ends and old rooms beneath the state park. A park employee would not confirm if the area is haunted, but told Outside that visitors have had unsettling experiences. 

The park has been a destination for ghost hunters who say they’ve witnessed paranormal activity. 

According to HauntedHouses.com, paranormal enthusiasts believe a former guard might still be carrying on with his duties at the fort after death. People have also reported seeing an army sergeant ghosts and other presences.  

Those brave enough to sleep at Fort Worden Historical State Park can reserve a stay in a barracks-turned-dormitory, a commanding officer’s home, or a castle. Guests can also camp at the beach. 

The park features historical tours, museums, hiking trails, tennis courts, meeting spaces and vacation rentals.