One of Portland's 142nd Fighter Wing's F-15 fighter jets. (KOIN)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Chances are you’ve heard them screaming in the skies over Portland but our Cole Miller had the chance to take a hair raising, white knuckle ride in a fighter jet. 

Portland’s 142nd Fighter Wing, an arm of the Oregon Air National Guard with 22 F-15 fighters that protect the Oregon skies. 

“It’s very important to protect our skies,” Pilot Lt. Col. Steve Cox said. “Air dominance is how we can provide the freedoms we enjoy every day as Americans.”

Members of the Oregon Air National Guard are always training and on standby to keep the Northwest and this country safe. 

“We appreciate the support we get with the military and it’s a great place to live and fly,” Cox said. 

Where We Live: Portland’s 142nd Fighter Wing is a national force