PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — About 2000 people showed up to a Weed The People event in North Portland Friday, an event that included sampling areas for those so inclined.

Tickets to the event, which sold out quickly, were $40. That allowed a ticketholder to get into the event, where they would then get 7 grams of pot. Technically it was a way to get around the lack of laws yet to be set.

The only way Oregonians can obtain pot legally right now is to trade it or gift it. There’s no way to regulate the business so organizers said they expect more events like this one down the road.

Connie Wohn, who produced the event, said it was clear “enthusiasm is high and the demand is there.”

At Weed The People, customers got a chance to meet the farmers and producers from local dispensaries.

She said the event planners did their homework and met with “any agency that could’ve had any sort of recourse or legal ramification on this event.”

“I’ve seen a lot of lines, a lot of weed and a lot of happy people really,” said Grace Sadie Cejas of Portland.

Kevin Walsh with the CO2 Company described the event as “freeing, It’s excellent to watch people recreate here.”

Many would-be retailers are looking forward to a set business model and rules.

“The sooner Oregon’s economy can start accruing the tax benefits and the revenue from what will happen with legal cannabis, the better,” Wohn said.