PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The summer sizzle continues to build over the Pacific Northwest as 90-degree heat looms next week.

Temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 70s Saturday as sunny skies remain. Winds will slowly start to increase during the afternoon with gusts nearing 20-25 mph. These winds in relation to warmer temperatures and the lack of rainfall will start to drop the relative humidity values across the Portland metro area.

The lack of rainfall and warmer temperatures are helping to increase the fire threat across the region. Snow continues to melt over the mountains and the drought situation is starting to expand. This all feeds into the potential wildfire risk in next couple of weeks if rain remains absent.

Temperatures will continue to warm through the weekend. That’s just the beginning of Portland’s latest heat streak. Highs will return to the low 90s by Tuesday next week.

This latest warming trend comes with dry stent lasting through the end of next week. However, clouds will start to increase Thursday and Friday and that will help cool temperatures.

For those planning on going to the Starlight Parade Saturday evening, skies will remain dry. Temperatures will remain mild as 60s return late in the evening. Clear skies overnight will continue to keep temperatures in the low 50s by sunrise Sunday.