PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon is receiving more than $422 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to assist with ongoing recovery efforts after the 2020 wind storm and wildfires.

HUD announced Monday it had divided more than $2 billion in community development block grant disaster recovery and mitigation funds among nine states and Puerto Rico. 

Oregon is receiving $422,286,000. 

“This CDBG-DR appropriation will help with the unmet needs of Oregonians in impacted areas. We look forward to working with the state and continuing to support the recovery efforts from the devastating 2020 wildfires,” said HUD Portland Field Office Director Tony Ramirez. 

HUD said the funds will go to help communities recover from and build resilience to natural disasters, including climate disasters. The investment will focus on low- and moderate-income populations.  

“Acting now to manage climate risk will increase the resilience of communities to wildfires, extreme heat, tropical storms, heavy rains, and other disasters made worse by a changing climate,” HUD stated in a press release. 

The funds were appropriated when the Extending Government Funding and Delivery Emergency Assistance Act was signed into law on Sept. 30. HUD said this is Oregon’s first ever disaster recovery allocation. 

HUD told KOIN 6 News Oregon Housing and Community Services is the agency responsible for distributing the funds throughout the state.

“This is just the beginning of a long and complex process to get federal funds to help Oregon wildfire survivors,” OHCS said in a statement sent to KOIN.

It said the state still needs to complete several tasks required by the federal government before it receives the money. One of the tasks will be to develop an action plan that identifies how the money will be used to address unmet disaster recovery and mitigation needs.

OHCS said it will share the plan with the public when it’s drafted and will welcome feedback throughout the process.