PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden told KOIN 6 that the 2023 wildfire season will bring fires that are bigger, hotter and more powerful due to the worsening drought conditions.

Ahead of this year’s wildfire season, it’s important for people to know what the different evacuation levels mean. Oregon officials use a three-level system to notify residents of when they should “Be Ready,” Be Set,” or “Go now!”

fire evacuation levels clackamas county
Description of evacuation levels courtesy of Clackamas County.

According to Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery, a green Level 1: Be Ready evacuation tells individuals when they should be aware of fire danger in their area. Officials advise residents to register for emergency alerts with their respective counties, as well as follow the county, sheriff’s office and local fire department on social media.

“This is the time to pack and prepare to leave,” Wildfire Response and Recovery said. “Have your emergency plan and go-kit ready. Plan possible evacuation routes and transportation needs. Check with loved ones and emergency contacts.”

Once a yellow Level 2: Be Set evacuation goes into effect, Oregonians should be prepared to evacuate an area at any point. Officials say there could be little-to-no time to pack any remaining personal belongings.

“Leave if you or your loved ones can’t move quickly and need extra time to evacuate. Inform loved ones of your evacuation plans,” authorities added. “Be prepared to relocate to a shelter or with family or friends outside of the affected area.”

Staying informed via social media is still important with a Level 2 evacuation, since conditions can change quickly.

Being fairly self-explanatory, red Level 3: GO! evacuations warn people to “Go now!” This dire evacuation level means the wildfire has brought “extreme danger” to the area and residents should immediately leave until officials say it is safe. Stopping to grab personal belongings is not recommended at this point.