PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – With wildfire season approaching, a home inventory company says it’s important for homeowners to ensure their homes are covered before fire strikes.

Virtual Home Inventory Founder Ken Aaron says it’s “extremely important” for homeowners to go through the home inventory process ahead of wildfire season to keep a record of possessions and the house itself as insurers need proof of the quality and conditions of the house, fixtures and finishes.

“As we see climate change, the fires get worse and more intense and you’re seeing larger areas of complete losses,” Aaron said.

The home inventory process can take weeks or months for homeowners to do on their own, Aaron said. While he takes inventory of homes, Aaron says he takes a 3-D scan of the home and takes photos of everything in drawers, cabinets and closets, along with pictures of antiques and the serial numbers on electronics and appliances.

Aaron added, “when it’s those really important personal things, it’s tough because the insurance company’s only dealing with value. But the fact that you have proof of it and that it existed, you do get something. It never replaces the sentimental loss but at least you get something for those personal losses.”