PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Oregon is more prepared for wildfires now than it was a year ago, according to a recent report that analyzed each state’s wildfire preparedness. 

The report from QuoteWizard, an insurance comparison platform, used Insurance Services Office fire ratings, or ISO fire ratings, to rank each state and to determine how prepared they are for wildfires. 

Many insurance providers take ISO’s fire rating into account when determining annual home insurance premiums, QuoteWizard wrote in its report. The rating looks at things like fire departments, available water supply and emergency communications.  

Compared to other states, Oregon ranked fourth when it came to wildfire preparedness. Only California, Arizona and Colorado ranked higher. 

Washington state did not make the top 10 list. 

An ISO fire rating isn’t related to an individual home, but rather the community the home is located in and local fire departments. 

ISO uses the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule to assign its ratings. It sorts communities into classes 1 through 10 with 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. 

In order to achieve an ISO fire rating of Class 1, a community will have to score 90 or higher on the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. The Fire Suppression Rating Schedule awards a maximum of 105.5 points based on the following:

  • Local fire department (50 points)
  • Water supply system (40 points)
  • Emergency communications systems (10 points)
  • Risk reduction program (5.5 points) 

In Oregon, 76% of communities scored a Class 5 ISO rating or better in 2022. That’s an improvement compared to 2021 when 73% of communities scored a Class 5 ISO rating or better. 

In 2022 in Oregon, 0% of its communities scored a Class 1 ISO rating, but 26% scored a Class 3 or better. 

Nationally, only 57% of communities are rated class five or better, according to QuoteWizard. 

Read the full report on QuoteWizard.com