PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — It’s June 1, the start of the wildfire season in Oregon. With 14 counties already under a drought declaration, there are burn restrictions in a large part of the state.

Jessica Prakke with the Oregon Department of Forestry said 70% of Oregon’s wildfires are caused by humans. “The more that Oregonians can be aware and practice safe burning practices the better,” she told KOIN 6 News, “and the less resources it strains.”

Fire restrictions are already in place in both southwest and central Oregon. Fire officials recommend calling your local ODF office or local fire department to get the latest restrictions before you burn.

Calling to find out if it’s safe to burn is one of the things to do. Other to-do items include covering up piles until it is safe and have supplies on hand to put out a fire that sparks.

But don’t burn on high wind/high temperature days, don’t burn near structures and don’t leave the fire unattended.

“A slight wind might pick up embers and drive them into areas that you may not want fire,” Prakke said. “The things to worry about are the drier days where there’s not as much humidity going on, hotter temperatures and also windy days. If there is any wind at all it can spread a grass fire very easily. If there are 10 mph winds it could spread a wildfire.”

ODF analysts look at wind, humidity and temperature when they are considering Red Flag warnings.

Wildfire season in Oregon stretches until September, depending on the weather. Remember, the Labor Day Wildfires of 2020 began on September 7.