PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — State agencies are joining forces to help clean up Santiam Canyon after Oregon’s historic wildfires devastated the area in September.

The Debris Management Task Force, which a partnership between Oregon Emergency Management, Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, is offering homeowners the chance to get financial and physical help with recovery on their properties.

However, for these agencies to do that, homeowners will have to fill out a right-of-entry form so crews can come on the property and figure out what the priorities are.

Right-of-entry forms for Marion County can be found here. For other major fires, go to your county website or call 1-682-800-5737 to learn how to sign the form.

ODOT Director Kris Strickler told KOIN 6 News that affected homeowners should fill out a form as soon as possible so the agencies can better coordinate with FEMA on funding.

More than 1 million acres burned in the September wildfires, forcing 40,000 to flee their homes. Nine Oregonians lost their lives.