PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Sen. Ron Wyden visited the KOIN 6 Newsroom Thursday afternoon to discuss the G20 summit, President Trump and answer some questions.

In regards to Trump meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wyden said, “I hope the president will be blunt and say that is it clear that the Russian government hacked the election. Do not let that happen again.”

Wyden also said it’s time to take “some very concrete steps” when it comes to North Korea.

He said the American people should be concerned.

“It is obvious that the North Korean government is clearly on a march, a relentless march to develop missile capability that will reach our shores. The question is — what are we going to do about it?”

According to Wyden, some of the practical steps the U.S. can take includes “getting serious about sending a message to Chinese financial institutions and mobilizing a global coalition to deal with North Korea.”

When asked whether or not Republicans, during this recess, can come together to create a health care plan that Democrats can get behind, Wyden said he hopes they can work in a bipartisan way.

Wyden has already had 51 town hall meetings due to the unprecedented interest in the issues and has more scheduled. He will be in Redmond Friday and Springfield on Saturday.A full list of where these meetings will take place can be found on Wyden’s website.