You ready for an emergency? Here’s what you need


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Harvey, the historic storm that has dumped a record 52-inches of rain on the Houston metro area since making landfall Friday night, is a reminder to everyone to be prepared for disasters.

In the Pacific Northwest, the main disaster to prepare for is an earthquake. But the rains and water in the region could and sometimes does flood, causing damage to homes, businesses and our way of life.

Trained experts with Portland NET — the Neighborhood Emergency Teams — suggest people gather what they already have, such as sleeping bags, tents, canned food, a first aid kit, and put it in one spot.

At the top of the list: water. Experts suggest a gallon-per-person for each day. They suggest buying empty 7-gallon containers for about $12 and fill it with tap water, then change out the water every 6 months. Each container would be good for one person for one week.

Mark Ginsberg with Portland NET paints the scenario: “Imagine your house has no running water, no electricity, no plumbing, no gas, but your house is still stable and habitable.”

That’s why it’s good to have a way to heat water, like a camping stove to use outside. Stock up on extra bottles of gas for it.

Don’t forget, you’ll have to go to the bathroom. But with sewage infrastructure damaged, you’ll need two buckets, seats, some sawdust to manage the waste and extra toilet paper.

Stockpile canned food, but also get some freeze-dried camping food as well. There are plenty of meal kits available online that can be purchased for about $1 per meal.

Suggestions from the Red Cross to prepare for extended emergency:

— a supply of food and water

— a first-aid kit

— a flashlight

— extra batteries

— a solar charger

— some cash in small denominations

— pet supplies

— toothbrush, toothpaste, soap

— tools and work gloves

— can opener

— duct tape, plastic sheeting

— toys, games, photos, etc

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