PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A family is searching for justice after a man was shot and killed Friday night in SE Portland.

On Tuesday night, family members of 44-year-old Aaron Follstad-Martin gathered at a makeshift memorial near SE 124th and Powell, not only grieving their loss, but also the continued gun violence in the community.

“You’ve got to wake up with it on your mind that you took somebody’s life. You’re not God. It’s not your choice to make,” said Shalonda Follstad-Martin, Aaron’s wife. “I never thought in my 49 years that I would be right here. This is crazy. There’s no way I should have to be here.”

Follstad-Martin was shot and killed Friday night in Portland’s Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood. Family tells us while he had his own history in the community, he didn’t deserve to die.

“I know people get on these cameras and swear up and down, oh their family members was the best. Oh he wasn’t perfect, he wasn’t, but he was a good person and he didn’t deserve nothing that happened to him,” said Shalonda.

The search for a suspect continues and family members hope the person responsible will pay for what they did. Follstad-Martin’s wife says she’s lost other family members to gun violence in Portland and is frustrated that it only continues to happen.

“It’s crazy, it’s senseless. It’s really senseless. People really need to think before they pull guns on other people that they have family too,” said Shalonda, adding that it often impacts so many more people than just the original victim. “Just make sure when you pick that gun up and pull that trigger, that you’re really ready to deal with the consequences of it.”

Follstad-Martin’s death is still under investigation and police are asking anyone with information to come forward. As of this weekend, Portland Police have responded to 49 homicides so far this year — almost all from gun violence.