LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) — A local artist creates a song for kids to help them remember important steps to stay safe during the pandemic. The artist behind the song said on average he spends about 12 hours a day in his music studio, so when he heard about students heading back to school – he thought of a song to help prepare kids for the new normal.  

Little Rock native Braelon Leniear has been involved with music most of his life, that’s why many people know him better as Brae Leni – a local artist. Leniear said he was a teacher in the Little Rock School District and recently former students have been on his mind, as a result of the pandemic.  

“Kind of think about the kids all day and I was kind of sad they had to go back to school and stuff,” Leniear said. “So, I just wanted to do something with my passion to give to them.”  

Leniear soon thought about his former colleagues and what they’re dealing with.   

“It’s hard and you try telling your five-year-old,” Leniear said. “Hey you can’t be playing or you can’t be close, it’s not going to work.” 

After sitting down in the studio, he made a beat, finding a melody and topped it off with some lyrics.  

“I just wanted to do something goofy with the gulla gulla island vibes, sesame street,” Leniear said. 

 He recorded a solution to teach students the new way of life.  

 “The song is called Mask Class,” Leniear said. “It’s basically telling kids to be respectful in your class, wear your mask, wash your hands, practice social distancing, just be sanitary.”  

Within an hour he finished the song and even had some special guests shoot a music video. Since then he said it’s been shared around.   

“Pine Bluff School District posted it on their Facebook page and that was dope,” Leniear said. “A bunch of my teacher friends and former colleagues have been reaching out and showing it to their classes…”  

As far as what’s next for Leniear, he said he has some album’s he wants to finish up. Then he wants to find a way to get back on tour next year. When it comes to kid’s songs he said if this becomes a hit, he might make another song for them.  

You can watch the full music video here