PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Netflix’s new series “Street Food: USA” features an entire episode about Portland — and shines a spotlight on Thuy Pham of Mama Dut.

Two years ago, as the then-hairstylist was about to make a vegan Vietnamese dish, her daughter Kinsley encouraged her to do it on Instagram Live, and a new business was born.

Mama Dut means “Mama feeds you” in Vietnamese, and it’s apparent in the fond connection between mother and daughter.

“I am so honored and humbled that people feel so touched by my story because growing up I didn’t feel like my story was ever worth telling,” Pham told KOIN 6 News. “And so it’s really overwhelming and I’m really grateful to hear from people who find the story resonates with them.”

The attention from the Portland episode of “Street Food: USA” has been great for business, but with Mama Dut’s being busier than ever, the changes can be tough, according to Pham.

“You know, Kinsley went from having me available all the time to not. I work so much. Even when I have my days off, I’m on the phone and on emails and stuff,” Pham, a single parent, said.

As for Kinsley, she said it was “weird” to see herself on Netflix. However, she said she still likes to watch TV with her mom in their spare time, including watching Stranger Things — on Netflix.

The Portland episode of “Street Food: USA” also features Matt’s BBQ Tacos, Kee’s Loaded Kitchen and Ruthie’s.