RIDGEFIELD, Wash. (KOIN) — “Downtown Ridgefield actually is a really great little place. There’s just a ton of activity,” said Kristen Riggs, the manager of Carts by the Park. “We have so many parks right here in downtown and all these trails that interconnect all of our subdivisions. So even though it might feel like a suburb in a lot of ways, you still have the magic of Ridgefield and that agricultural kind of a small rural spirit.”

Since 2021, Carts by the Park has been a tasty gathering spot in downtown Ridgefield. It’s local food by local people for local people.

“It’s really a fun experience to see so many people so happy and having a place to kind of congregate,” Riggs said.

The first carts, Sugar’s Barbecue and Little Conejo Norte, won’t be the last. Sushi, Himalayan dumplings and at some point in the future, Drinks by the Cart with alcoholic beverages.

Sugars Barbecue is one of the Carts in the Park in Ridgefield, April 26, 2022 (KOIN)

Riggs said the charm of the area is an attraction for both hungry customers and people moving into Ridgefield’s growing community.

“We really feel like we’ve kind of inspired a little bit of energy down here in the heart of Ridgefield for many of our families and residents who can walk to, you know, they’re kind of just already down here walking their dogs and it’s definitely become a little bit of a center for catching up and connecting,” she said.

It also helps to connect people with fun events like the lunch walking tours every Wednesday.

Carts in the Park in Ridgefield, April 26, 2022 (KOIN)

“You can walk along the street and you know a lot of the shop owners, they recognize you, everyone’s so friendly and it has this really close-knit, kind of a rural community feel even with all of the amenities of kind of an urban metropolitan,” Riggs said. “What’s really special about downtown is that we do have this very small town feel still.”