PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Tiquette Bramlett loves what she does for a living. As president of Vidon Vineyard in Newberg, she’s been at her history-making dream job for a year. Bramlett is the first Black woman appointed to run a winery in the country.

She knows her wines and believes Oregon’s options stand out for a reason.

“Part of Vidon’s story is being intentionally unconventional, and that was what drew me there,” she told KOIN 6 News. “So some things that we’re going to be showing is our tempranillo and our syrah — and the tempranillo is what drew me there in the first place. And I am so excited that we are going to be pouring it because it was it was my love that drew me there.”

She knows that “pinot noir is what speaks true” in Oregon.

“But something that’s so beautiful with our winemakers here is that they’re experimental and they let the land do the talking to them and they say, ‘OK, what is this vintage telling me?’ So from vintage to vintage, the wine can be so expressive and it tells a story every year.”

Getting to this top position wasn’t always easy for her. The wine industry “was big on the stereotypes,” she said.

“Then I think about especially when I got started in the wine industry and I was put on the road by the winery that I first started working, people were floored when they would see me and the fact that I was actually the representative and not just filling in for somebody,” she said. “I was paid by this winery to be doing this.”

Tiquette Bramlett, president of Vidon Vineyard and founder of Our Legacy Harvested, landed a spot on a prestigious list in the wine world.

She points to the support she’s received at Vidon for helping her continue to grow. And she’s paying it forward with her non-profit, “Our Legacy Harvested,” which announced their first group of interns ranging in age from late teens to 40s.

“I think paying attention to the coaching and everything that I was receiving was really important and being being open to the experience is really important,” she said. “I’ve always been open to the critiques. I take really intense notes. Many of my coaches have said, and I take those lessons in and absorb them and see what I can take and share with others as well.”

The celebration is Saturday, May 7, from 11 a.m to 4 p.m. at Vidon Vineyards. There will be tastings, live music, Ezell’s Famous Chicken, Salt-and-Straw ice cream and many vendors.