PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Scott Mohr and Matt White are at different breweries along the Oregon coast. Rather than being bitter competitors, they are actually good friends.

“We hang out, we talk about beer all the time,” said White, the co-owner and brewmaster for Beachcrest Brewing.

White and Mohr, the R&D brewer for Pelican Brewing, just released the Coastal Collaboration Volume 2. It’s the second of four kinds of collaboration beers that Pelican is doing this year. In this case, the guys created a triple-cold IPA.

“The idea of a triple IPA was, hey, what’s a kind of a new style that people are experimenting with that fits both of our voices, that we can do something cool and unique with,” White said. “Accenting these hops that have this really cool, like white fruit, like cantaloupe and honeydew and white wine kind of characteristic to make this, like, really cool elegance, almost kind of like a hop-wine interpretation of cold IPA.”

It’s a fun creation that will help others because 100% of the proceeds will go toward the local non-profit, the Siletz Bay Music Festival.

“Music is a huge part of what we do at Beachcrest,” White said. “And my wife and I, who are the co-owners of Beachcrest, left careers in music to come out and move to the Oregon coast and open up our brewery out here.”

According to Mohr, each volume of beer helps out a different non-profit.

“This year, it’s a big push on our DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion. So getting into the first and the fourth one deal with the charities that (work) with food insecurity, and then the second one and third one deal with access to the arts,” he said.

White said the Siletz Bay Music Festival was a great fit “because it’s this festival that brings, just really world-class music to Lincoln City, and makes it open and available to everybody. And they give back to the community in that way. It’s accessible to everybody.”

This is the second of four collaboration beers this year. They are available at any Pelican Brewing or Beachcrest Brewing.

“The easiest way to get this beer is to come out to the coast. This will be at all of our Pelican locations — Cannon Beach, Tillamook, Pacific City, and then once Siletz Bay opens up, we’ll have it at all of those,” White said.

It will also be on tap at Beachcrest Brewing later this week.

“We want everyone to go out and get this one, you know, have fun with it, enjoy this one. And then in three months be looking out for the next one,” Mohr said.

The pals did keg this beer, meaning there are draught options. Some of the brews were also put into 500-milliliter bottles that are available to take home.